Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I've read somewhere that human interaction is like 60% voice tone and gestures and only 40% words, or something like that. The problem with electronic communication is that it can only capture those 40%. I'm not hurt, I'm not at war, I'm not bitter. I'm not angry much at the mpv devs, either, although I do think they could (and should) have behaved better. Having seen many posts like "mpv is better than madVR now" recently on various forums makes me want to speak my mind very clearly, though. I simply feel the need to "put things right". Which, due to those 60% missing, probably comes across differently to how I feel. I'm not a very emotional guy.

I do believe that if I posted a detailed description of where madVR's algos are better than mpv's in a public forum, it would rather quickly come to the attention of the mpv devs, and would be used to close the gap. Again, this is not war, or bitterness, just a fact of life. I do see mpv as competition, so I don't want to help them, and I only "complained" about the mpv dev behaviour here to defend/justify my unwillingness to help them in any way. Once again I acknowledge that my views are not compatible with the open source idea. Which is no surprise given that I'm not an open source developer.

Anyway, this is starting to get a bit long in the tooth, and is mostly OT, anyway, so I guess I'd like to tighten this up quickly now.

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