Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-12-01, 13:05)da-anda Wrote: I don't want to destroy your dream, but binary add-ons for DRM content will also be in charge of rendering, so no MadVR for Netflix etc - not even any Kodi post processing or scalers. The entire chain from decoding to rendering will be locked.

I'll happily take what I can get in that regard Smile Eventual integrated Netflix app (and etc) with no post-processing goodies is still better than switching to a separate device for it, and shouldn't be worse than the other device. Right now the dsplayer / madVR combo does not work correctly with net streaming content anyways (although aracnoz had tried to make further progress on this recently - some things improved but others still have issues).

I am just happy to see the discussion in this thread turning in a positive direction. I look forward to seeing where Team Kodi takes takes the new VideoPlayer functionality in the future-- Kodi has made such great progress in the past few years. If Team-Kodi and madshi succeed in deciding on an interface acceptable to both sides for madVR to plug into I would be happy to help do detailed tests on that as well. I can at least file proper, detailed bug reports- I know lack of information is sometimes the hardest part in fixing issues Smile

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