Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-12-02, 12:53)Bjur Wrote: I've just checked this thread after some time. And aracnoz leaving this DSplayer project which he has taken us further than anyone else is such a shame. After reading the current state and vision thread and the answers he received both there and here from a couple of the developers, I was about to write an angry reply. I don't think he deserved the hostile answers he got, and can understand if that was the final reason he left, but of course the heavy workload on DSplayer which he had to do mostly alone was too much for one person.

I would be perfect for us DSPlayer users to have it integrated in official builds somehow, but it's very much easier said than done. I've programmed a short time and can understand on a very basic level how difficult it must be to manage all that code. A hope for the future is that DSPlayer doesn't obsolete when seeing the progress aracnoz has made.

A REALLY big thanks to aracnoz for the impressive work he has done on this project and a sympathetic developer also, which is not always the case.
He has taken DSPlayer to a higher level and hopefully his work won't die out.
And also thanks to madshi for his kindness and time to help and get madvr into DSplayer and Warner306 for maintaining the guide. Lastly thanks to the official developers of Kodi. Even if I don't agree with the prioritize of Windows platform and DSplayer integration, I understand the limited ressources and the multiplatform arguments and am greatful to have such a great Mediacenter software as Kodi, which is the best there is.

And hopefully in the future aracnoz would become active again, even just to see what DSPlayer has developed into in the future.

A positive thing is that some of the official developers became active in this thread and hopefully there's light at the end of the tunnel for DSPlayer future and the great work especially aracnoz but also madshi, tiben, and those I have missed, has put into this project.

There is some hope madVR will be an option for the rewritten Kodi media player, so aracnoz's project may contribute to future versions of Kodi, even if DSPlayer is not integrated.

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