Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-12-04, 13:20)Stormy1985 Wrote: Hello!!!
I'm wondering if you could help me with some "problem" that I have with Kodi DirectShow Player and not with the last normal release from Kodi.

I try the following releases with the same problem:

DSPlayer 15.2 Isengard DX11 - build (20151019-f273f06)
DSPlayer 15.2 RC3 Isengard DX11 - build (20151004-d0191b0)
DSPlayer 15.1 Isengard DX11 - build (20150826-66c524b)

When I open the kodi everything works fine ( I need to tune madVR too ) but with a clean instalation (CCleaner and revo uninstaller before) when I play a video (mkv or mp4 SD 720p or 1080p) the mouse become unestable and if I direct it to under the monitor not appears the timeline and another icons and information so I can't controll Kodi.

This error only appears when I use kodi on my 2nd monitor (Samsung 4k 55'') but on my #1 monitor and windowed options all works as expected.

Anyone could help me with this ?

Don't know about dual-monitor set-ups. Try setting madVR to windowed mode rather than fullscreen exclusive mode, or vise versa. Checking windowed overlay in the madVR control panel might also help.

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