Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-12-07, 19:12)danjames92 Wrote:
(2015-12-06, 22:36)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-12-06, 16:32)danjames92 Wrote: Best chroma settings for a HD4000 to downscale 4K content to 1080p anyone?

No chroma in downscaling. First the chroma is upscaled to 4K, then image downscaling is applied to the image.

I would use Lanczos3 + AR for both chroma upscaling and image downscaling.

Getting major latency issues (141ms) when using that for 2160p -> 1080p content. And do I want scale in linear light? Anything I'm doing wrong?

HD4000 isn't that powerful, only has 1GB. Using LAV Filters / decoders.

It is a 16GB MKV with overall bitrate of 41.4Mbps (AVC, 5.1 AC3 640Kbps) streamed from a more than capable i5 Plex Server via the PleXBMC addon.

1080p content is playing fine with Lancoz 3 taps + AR.

Ok, then Bicubic75 + AR and Catmull-Rom + AR for image downscaling. Otherwise, you might have to use DXVA image upscaling and downscaling for that profile. Check scale in linear light. Based on the rendering queue, it sounds like you will have to use DXVA scaling.

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