Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-12-08, 17:02)danjames92 Wrote:
(2015-12-08, 15:39)kitalor Wrote: Hello,
First off, thanks for putting together such a powerful utility.
Second was wondering if someone could help me out? Bit confused by the depth of the program and all my google searches seem to lead to dead ends.
When i first put together my htpc in about june of this year I installed Kodi DSplayer but not sure which version.
What I noticed at the time was that compared to playing straight through VLC, kodi ds had much deeper blacks.
Since then kodi became corrupted somewhere along the way and I went a while before I reinstalled.
Now I have it back up and running I can no longer see the difference with the contrast - i.e. if a video looks a bit washed out in vlc it will look the same in kodi
I've trawled through all the menus and can;t seem to find anything that is like a dynamic contrast.
Does this exist?
Any help would be cool

Check your GPU is outputting 0 - 255 PC levels, check MadVR are outputting 16 - 235 and Kodi is using the Limited setting assuming your PC doesn't handle FULL RGB. You'll have to enable expert in settings on the default skin.

Thank you for replying.
So are you saying that the only settings that would have affected this are the colour range settings in Kodi and mad vr and any settings happening at the gpu level?

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