Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-12-10, 16:51)gotham_x Wrote: Hi.

Suspicion of this thing, on a HTPC of € 2,000 would be far-fetched as inconvenience, basically, if I turn off TV and / or AVR, the Audio device, is no longer the default, not connected, I have to do a reboot of the PC, otherwise there 'and' no Audio with Kodi.
So, the solution would be to cover the 19 pin HDMI? cover with what and on which end of the HDMI cable, side HTPC and / or AVR?

With a piece of electrical tape and it should be in the computerend. But since you have spend that much money, get a HDMI EDID Ghost to solve the problem.
There's also a company which sells these HDMI cable where pin 19 is not connected.

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