Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-12-11, 18:57)geofred1993 Wrote:
(2015-12-11, 00:10)Warner306 Wrote: Super-xbr100 + SuperRes is almost the same as NNEDI3 + SuperRes.
It is for live action videos:

SuperXBR + SuperRes

NNEDI3 + SuperRes:

But for animes and cartoons, nnedi3 is much better:

SuperXBR + SuperRes:

NNEDI3 + SuperRes:

Yes, the difference between the two is the ringing caused by super-xbr. It is known to ring a lot, but I don't notice it with most content. And the ringing seems less obvious when used with SuperRes.

NNEDI3 is the best way to scale an image, but it is very expensive. Any mid-range card should not bother with this setting. That is why super-xbr exists alongside NNEDI3. I like sharp, and both super-xbr and NNEDI3 are quite sharp.

madVR is very impressive when image doubling is combined with sharpening at scaling factors of 2x or larger. The settings below amaze me in the amount of detail they produce:

super-xbr100 or NNEDI3 + SuperRes(3) + crispen edges(1.0)

The presence of sharpening is obvious, but watching 540p -> 1080p, I am impressed how HD the end result appears. Large scaling factors allow many madVR processing features to be used in unison without appearing over-processed.

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