Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-12-14, 02:21)Uoppi Wrote: Warner, it seems for SD content and with SuperRes you prefer the crispen algo over sharpen edges. Just wondering if it looks better to you or is it because of a smaller performance hit (or both!) Over at the doom9 forum, the sharpen algo seems to get more love than crispening.

I generally don't want any additional sharpening for HD material but I'm trying to figure out the new algos' usefulness for SD. I'm sitting quite close to the tv set, so any improvements are welcome to make SD content bearable, LOL. Just very limited time for testing and tweaking unfortunately.

SuperRes is already a form of sharpening, so I use crispen edges because it is more subtle than sharpen edges. SuperRes at level 3 shows some aliasing/softness on edges and crispen edges seem to help with this. It is meant to be subtle.

If you are pressed for performance, SuperRes(3) may be more than enough. To use crispen edges for 540p, 29.97 fps content, I had to reduce chroma upscaling to Catmull-Rom and check the trade for performance checkbox use 16-bits per component rather than 32-bits per component.

I watch the national news each day with these settings, and the level of detail is pretty satisfying. But this taxes my graphics card to the absolute limit.

I use sharpen edges at 0.5 with 1080p content because it looks better than crispen edges when used alone.

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