Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

Did you try to use an EDID with your display(s) again? I am wondering if the EDID did anything unusual? I have been told an EDID override cannot break anything, but I had to go through this process twice because my Onkyo 509 died. I am certain it is just an HDMI board, which is common with Onkyo. But you hadn't replied, so I wondered if there was a hidden time bomb in MonInfo? Maybe I timed the receiver to self-destruct.

I am a student with things in boxes, so the dead receiver gave me the chance to unbox my Onkyo 806. I was surprised at how much better the surround DSPs are in the 806 versus the 509. Oh, well...nothing lasts forever these days.

Merry Xmas to All!

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