Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

I'm curious, for those of us that DSPlayer works great (using your latest update with Jarvis), is there any reason for DSPlayer to stop working with similar\future Jarvis updates?

In 2015, Aracnoz fixed remaining critical bugs in DSPlayer; leaving DSPlayer in a great working condition. I certainly wouldn't mind keeping DSPlayer exactly "as is"; with only Kodi build updates like below (until hopefully someone else decides to continue DSPlayer development).

I already investigated other alternative solutions:
MPC-HC as an external player isn't really an attractive option to me; since I toggle Kodi Window\Fullscreen regularly. Also, Emby Theater only has very basic madVR rendering options.

(2016-01-03, 19:08)Wanilton Wrote: Kodi Jarvis beta 5 + dsplayer with all update until now (03/01/2016).

link for download:


- This is an unofficial Kodi build not from Team Kodi.
- This build comes with no warranties, explicit or implied, and you use it at your own risk.
- This build was compiled by Wanilton, for use only in Windows OS, and have same functions official Kodi Jarvis build Nightlie + dsplayer support.



PS: I will no update or developer dsplayer, only'll keep the current code by aracnoz update with Jarvis 16.

Happy new year!!!

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