Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-01-12, 01:01)opeters Wrote:
(2016-01-11, 23:01)opeters Wrote: Will it be possible to play MVC-3D in KODI DSPLAYER now that MadVR supports it?

· frame packed 3D playback via HDMI 1.4+ (Windows 8.1 or newer)

(2016-01-12, 00:23)huhn Wrote: try it out. i'm pretty sure madshi likes to know too.

don't forget to read carefully what is needed to do this.

Would love to but I don't have the proper hardware for testing.
I got rid of my 3D Vision HTPC a while ago and went down the Android+KODI road.
Just curious if this is possible on Windows now with DSPLAYER build (It is possible now on the Pi/Pi2 only and some Android boxes).
If MVC-3D is possible on Windows/KODI I might consider going back to a Windows solution.

I wouldn't buy any new hardware for DSPlayer. Development and support for 3D playback doesn't exist.

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