Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
This quite doesn't help.. I switched from Seven to 10 because i had a major bug that no one in the world wide web seemed to have! Found nothing on it, not here or elsewhere.
Kodi was thinking network was down. A bit annoying when all my media is in a NAS.

So I figured that since I had to start from scratch a new system, I would tkae advantage of the situation and upgrade my Seven freely.. (won't be possible anymore in a few months and I'm not planning to start from scratch at the drop of a hat).
Moreover i didn't see a lot of complains about W10..

Am I the only one here having BSOD? Again?

EDIT : I didn't notice the page 173 and was replying to LePousson post on page 173.. I understand you were joking even if the joke was bad Wink

@vicmanpergar, Thanks for sharing your experience, even if I would have preferred not to be the only one with this issue (it's easier to make progress than on solo)!!

I plan to test the hardware (memtest and stuff) even If I doubt it's the cause, as it was working nice with Seven.
Then I'll stay for a time with DVDPlayer to see if the issue is related to madVR/DSPlayer/DDfilters..

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