Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-01-19, 21:34)blepharocyte Wrote: Hi there !

Thanks for your work, everything work fine !

I'm using Jarvis RC1 DSPlayer on Windows 10 with my little AM1 5350 who can't decode HEVC. With your player, he is able to decode it without lag and dropped frame !
Ok, he goes to 99%, but no matter Smile

Why DSPlayer will stop on Kodi 17 ?

The developer left because he didn't want to maintain it anymore. He was hoping it would be merged into the main branch, but it won't.

Hope remains some developer will pick up this project in the future, as it works pretty well as is.

There is some hope madVR support might be added to the new VideoPlayer for v17, but that is unknown. That would not allow for the use of custom DirectShow filters, so DSPlayer would remain superior to most.

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