Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-01-25, 18:59)axlt2002 Wrote: Hi Wanilton,

One question for clarification (is something that I have just noticed now): I have installed the last build that you kindly provided but it seems not possible to make DSPlayer work without madVR installed; i.e. there is no the possiblity to use the Kody video render EVR...if I'm not wrong is something that aracnoz introduced again in one of his last builds (here)

Can you please double check?

Thanks in advance as usual!

As I said a couple times. The situation with EVR is tricky and unfortunate one. Aracnoz kindly readded EVR support back in DSPlayer Jarvis beta1 after disabled it in later Isengaard build. But he left DSPlayer development shortly after. And before anyone can fully tested EVR and reported back to him. I tested EVR supported and it is in broken state producing choppy playback and lot of skipped frames. Kind of disappointment since before madvr was integrated EVR was rock solid.

Too bad Aracnoz decided he had enough. So we probably won't see EVR issue solved in foreseeable future.

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