Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I recently upgraded from kodi dplayer 15 to kodi dsplayer 16 (I tried as well beta1 als latest unofficial build from Wanilton). I am using kodi dsplayer together with SVP4 pro and the software it installs (madvr, reclock, lav filters, etc..).

I had stuttering video and found out that it was GPU (nvidia geforce GTX750) that was running at high cpu and clipping to 100%, causing the stuttering video. When setting hardware decoding back to "none" instead of "nvidia cuvid" in settings -> dsplayer -> videodecoder the issue was solved. I ONLY upgraded kodi, all the other software was not updated, so it seems to be the new kodi installation that causes this higher GPU load.

Why is kodi 16 using GPU more heavily then kodi 15? Any explanation/solution for this, other then disabling hardware decoding?

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