Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Yeah ashlar i had no idea there were such bad feelings in the background around this project and this only enhanced the Kodi name; not the latter!

Maybe someone should start a new XBMC (Xcellent Brilliant Media Centre) or such like to avoid copyright of course.

Hard to put a good spin on a severely low point in the development of such great software i can only say araconoz you were an awesome guy and anyone who says otherwise is hugely misguided; for someone to put so much time into something only to be 5h1t on is in my book pathetic and all involved should be ashamed. There's a job for him in Scotland if he ever wanted it thats for real and the hours would be better!

Also i cant get to the bottom of where the RC3 DSPlayer and the 180 page thread went, maybe area 51 has the answers because i have RC3 DSPlayer but its nowhere to be found on the site that i can see.

Maybe the commercial thing had a hand in this i dont know as i do know for the lifecycle which i've been around for since inception has been free to all, i still have a chipped Xbox with XBMC still working (Or i assume it still works).

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