Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-02-09, 13:01)tingtong5 Wrote:
(2016-02-09, 12:55)Bjur Wrote: Can anyone please tell why I can't use the current madVR settings I have when upgrading from 15.2 to 16? I get lots of framedrops. What is changed and will it be normal again in final release. I don't want to upgrade graphic card just for updating Kodi and wants to keep my current settings.
I guess we are experiencing the same issue here: GPU load going up after upgrading to kodi 16. I have disabled hardware video decoding in kodi as a workaround, thus increasing cpu load of course.

You might want to try using external filters and install a copy of LAV Filters and XySubFilter. The GPU load would be a problem with LAV Filters, not DSPlayer. LAV Video, in particular, is responsible for this.

Although basically the same, it is possible for software decoding to be a better choice if you have a newer CPU because it is less likely to make any errors. But that doesn't fix your problem. It is just a statement that you don't have to give up on DSPlayer over H.264 hardware decoding issues.

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