Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-02-10, 15:50)Bjur Wrote:
(2016-02-10, 12:00)oldpoem Wrote:
(2016-02-10, 11:15)Bjur Wrote: Hi Warner. Thanks for the response. Why would I try to run external filters, when the internal LAV filters should provide the same results?
And when I decide again to upgrade to newest RC 3 now, I should also upgrade madVR to newest of course, and why should that not work the same as 15.2? You say it's LAV filter that causing issue but the settings are the same if I just upgrade, so my guess is that madVR has introduces some default settings to raise GPU requirements or?

Sorry I'm guessing and don't know where to look.
I have I3-2100 cpu, but that shouldn't do anything better if I choose software instead?

If you have enough CPU load to spares , software decoding is best way to go. You'll get rid of some dxva decoding artifact which occurs on some weird encoded files. I encountered most of these artifacts on Intel though while has much lesser problem with NVidia. HW decoding save CPU loads but did not provide better quality picture so on most modern machine which is not atom or similar low powered CPU. Disabled hw decoding is safe choice.

Most of MadVR task run on GPU which is different load. So be sure to check if high load is CPU load or GPU load. But so called Higher CPU load shouldn't affect playback at all unless it closes to 100% which would causes frames drops. Yes it might lead to more noises to due more heat and increased fan speed. But I doubt it would be that much higher cpu load on i3 machine , extra 10-20% increased CPU loads is usually considered little on overall impact. Pushing madvr settings would get much more heat & noise from your GPU card / fans than push up your cpu anyway.

Also if you decide to upgrade madvr be sure to try reset & reconfigure madvr settings. Because between time of Kodi 15 DSPlayer to latest dsplayer madvr is the most changed component. DSPlayer code hasn't changed much or at all since aracnoz left. All Wanilton did was to keep DSPlayer part compiled with latest Kodi base. He did update internal lavfilters a bit and change few codes to let it compiled successfully. But in term of DSPlayer codebase nothing really changes. So I think it's better to check if your old madvr settings is the cause. It's better to did new madvr settings anyway since a lot has changed.

Thanks for the very elaborating answer OldpoemSmile
Regarding the software decoding, it that something you choose in Video settings in Kodi or is it in LAVFilter?
I think I read somewhere DSPlayer doesn't use Kodi menu settings.

Oh and 1 more question!
I have my settings.bin from when it was working fine. If I reset to default and overwrite settings.bin would that be okay or should I manually input the settings?
I'm guessing the reg key is newer than the settings.bin, so I'm afraid if I just put settings.bin in folder it would be overwritten be default regkey.

Video settings in Kodi refer to dvdplayer only. While DSPlayer (if) using LAVFilter which you can manually settings outside DSPlayer or can use gui setting in DSFilter list to set as well.

I personally don't use settings.bin now so not sure about that. It's recommend to manually config madvr again if your settings is too old. Just few minutes.

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