Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-02-10, 01:01)rggomez Wrote:
(2015-04-28, 02:13)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-04-28, 00:46)weirdinin Wrote: I'm not sure what you are trying to point out. That I do when I import media but how is that relevant to my issue Huh

Thank you for the hint. I'm quite sure I tried that without luck. I already uninstalled dsplayer version of kodi and installed official package again. Maybe I try that again when I have more time.

I got cinema experience work quite nice by defining rules so that dvdplayer plays all but main movie. Only problem is that refresh rate is not changed back after main movie ends.
I like so much the quality of madvr that there's no returning back to dvdplayer... so disabling dsplayer is not a way for me to go. I would rather go back to external player than using dvdplayer.
I'll try different settings later when I have more time to tinker. Perhaps by trial and error I'll get this work. I'll report here if that happens. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your help.

Edit: I made a mistake earlier. Cinema Experience is working fine with the correct version. No special rules are needed. I provided a copy of 4.0.13 in Other Resources.

Hello Warner306, weirdinin,

Can you please explain how you manage to get Cinema experience to work with DsPlayer? I only can play one intro video and when the movie should starts, it crashes and say there is nothing on the playlist!! if I put DVDplayer as default player, everything works as a charm...


I was able to get CinemaVision to work, which is the successor to Cinema Experience. You can't play any trailers from iTunes, however. That is the one limitation I am aware of.

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