Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-02-11, 00:40)Derek Wrote: Warner306 is this the addon that plays trailers and such like before a movie? What is the function of this in the real world; just curious?

PS. your MadVR posts elsewhere are VERY informative and helped 2 friends convert to it tonight so thanks for your time putting those together.

Thanks. I am an accounting student myself and spend too much time in these forums. I think I am done editing the content put up recently until new madVR features are added.

I went back to school after getting a degree in marketing, so I use those skills now and then. But I never made it to a level where I would consider myself a polished enough writer to do these types of things easily. Too much editing and too much time. That is not why I quit, but I wouldn't say I enjoy it; I just feel compelled to document my own research.

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