Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-02-12, 02:06)Derek Wrote: Load MPC-HC and click config madvr and check the box and it'll be back not sure how to acheive it through DSPlayer Kodi but thats what your missing 100% Smile

Ok so I clicked on the madVR exe. file located in the folder where I unzipped madvr which started madvr and put the icon in the taskbar. From there I was able to click on the taskbar setting and set it from "only show when madVR is in use" to "always show in taskbar". However, the fact that it wasn't showing up when I started a ripped bluray movie within' kodi made me question whether it was even working correctly.

So I maxed out all the sharpening enhancements in madvr while kodi was minimized just to see if the settings where being applied to the movie. Well, when brought kodi back up to full-screen the image did not change at all. So basically madvr is not working with kodi for me. Not sure what the problem is.

I tested out mpc-hc which I still have installed and configured with madvr just to make everything worked there and it is working flawlessly. So basically I am stumped.

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