Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-02-12, 22:52)Derek Wrote:
(2016-02-12, 22:38)Tamuro Wrote: Yes that is interesting. That can be good and bad. It allows you to have custom settings for each media file.

I am still dumb founded as to why madvr doesn't show up in the taskbar even when I set it to "show when active". It will only show if I force it to stay there the entire time. Even if i'm not running any media or media player and just sitting on the desktop.

That makes me think maybe madvr is not running when dsplayer is active. hopeully soon we can get to the bottom of it, my cpu cores are doing their best to get the work done so i can help Smile

Yeah very strange. I'm on windows 10 too so who knows if something isn't compatible. I noticed another thing last night as well. When in Kodi and watching an mkv bluray movie, if I hit "o" I get the filter info but if I hit "ctrl J" I don't get the row of information from madvr. I really think even though i have madvr set in GUI for renderer, internal set for filters and regardless of which setting I use for "Manage settings for Kodi" that it isn't working for some reason. If madVR is set to show in taskbar when in use then it should pop up in the bar once I fire up a move in Kodi and it doesn't unless I force it on all the time. Which would then mean madVR would be running the entire time my PC is on but not necessarily working in DSplayer.

And if this helps, I'm running the latest madVR 90.8, I'm on Jarvis rc3 and used the latest DSplayer for Jarvis rc3. Also, it shouldn't matter where I unzipped madVR correct? Meaning it doesn't have to be on my main "C" drive where windows/Kodi is installed. I have also not configured any files. Meaning I haven't installed any external filters, I didn't change any roots or anything. Basically I have everything back to default.

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