Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-02-13, 16:03)tingtong5 Wrote: I fixed my "Kodi 16 uses more GPU resources" issue by replacing my Geforce GTX750 by a Geforce GTX960 ;-)

Reason I did so was because I noticed GPU load was already above 90% a lot with the GTX750 so I wanted to upgrade anyway,
Works fine now , apart from so now and then a crash (while fiddling around leaving exclusive mode while playing movie).

So will there ever be a kodi dsplayer final version 16 now that development has ceased?

The development on DSPlayer part had been stopped since Kodi 16 beta1. So past few builds has been compiled with only changes on main kodi part. There is no reason Kodi DSPlayer 16 Final wouldn't get released by wanilton. It's just that if there is bug it would probably never get fixed.

Kodi 17 is different matter though.

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