Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-02-16, 14:31)ashlar Wrote: Anybody know which xml files should be edited to view YouTube videos through the Kodi plugin using this filter? http://ys.3dyd.com/home/

I think madVR would do wonders for their quality. Considering I have bandwidth to spare, I could just set it for "Best available" for both video and audio, so no GUI support is needed.

This would have the added advantage of properly supporting DASH, allowing for 1080p and higher.
Hmmm it's strange. First of all the YouTube plugin intercepts stuff at a higher level, so the source filter is useless. One would need to modify the plugin.

But what I can't explain is why DSPlayer insists on using the internal LAV Splitter Source instead of my external and configured LAV Source and LAV Splitter.

Playback information lists it as "(i) LAV Splitter Source". Logs confirm DSPlayer selects the internal one, in the system directory.

This doesn't happen for regular content. It's as if calling streaming content forces the use of the internal LAV Source Splitter. I see this happening with TED Talks too.

I have DSPlayer playing network streaming protocols via a protocol rule that includes http, https, daap, rtv, rtmp, rtmpe, etc.

The rule works (I verified it with a shader added, emboss... Unmistakable), but the source/splitter selection is overridden. It wirks, mind... But it's worrying to rely on internal filters that now that aracnoz has left development won't get updated.
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