Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-02-21, 23:20)Scythe42 Wrote: Gave the version for 16.0 a try. There's a an issue with Live TV (DVBViewer Backend, RTSP stream, as Timeshifting is not supported with dsplayer).

When you stop playback Kodi freezes up like 30 seconds, bascially is hangs on cleaning up the DS Graph for Live TV Streams. Pausing and Resuming has also some similar delays that result in a crash of the DS Graph as well.

Same if I force to Kodi to use DVDPlayer over an playerfactory.xml. Stock Jarvis works here without hiccups.

Any suggestions?

Live TV support was added but not for DVBViewer. NextPVR, MediaPortal and Argus TV are the supported backends. Although, I don't know why DVDPlayer would work fine for one installation and not the other. Are you sure DSPlayer isn't being loaded and you've made a mistake in your playercorefactory.xml?

Did you try the checkbox in DVDPlayer merits "Play Internet streams?" This is found in the DSPlayer settings. You may not be loading DVDPlayer.

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