Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-02-21, 23:14)Warner306 Wrote:
(2016-02-21, 22:22)mkohman Wrote: Dear all, please forgive me for my ignorance. I am not new to KODI by any means, however I am new to DSplayer so I have very limited experience and knowledge. Your help will be greatfully appreciated.

I have 3 fromats of files I view and thats all I am interested in. All movies are 1080p and are either .mkv, .iso (bluray .iso) or .bdmv (bluray folder rip).

I have read through the very detailed Kodi DSPlayer guide with MadVR and Lavfilters etc. So far what I have done, I have downloaded the Kodi DSPlayer latest Jarvis version, Lav Filters and the XYsubtitle program (sorry can't remember the proper name). I have installed all three and followed some of the settings in the guide.

I have no issues in playing .mkv bluray remux files with DSPlayer as primary player but the other two formats (.iso and .bdmv) files do not play with DSPlayer. Can anyone please advise if there is a setting I need to enable for these files to be played with DS Player. Previously with the normal official KODI I used to play my .bdmv and .iso (3d Bluray movies) with an external player like TMT Player.

Can you please advise if this is possible to do with DSPlayer and how.

The guide is very confusing for me. I appreciate this may be very easy for most people but I am finding it a little hard to work my way through it. All I want to do is use DS Player for all file types with MadVR and be able to do bitstreaming..

All your advice and help is much appreciated. Thank you .

DSPlayer doesn't support ISO but does support BDMV. Although, I think your problems with BDMV have something to do with LAV Video and madVR. Support for 3D BDMV has not yet been added (I think I made a typo stating it was supported). 3D ISO is not supported by madVR, either.

If you want to play your 3D ISO files with madVR, wait for official support or use MakeMKV to convert the file to an MKV. A link to MakeMKV is found at the end of this section. It will convert the ISO into an MKV container in an hour or less. You might be able to convert your BDMV files as well, but it could be possible DSPlayer will support these files when madVR does. The ISOs, of course, will never be supported.

I have run one test with an uncompressed 3D Blu-ray ISO by converting it into an MKV with MakeMKV. DSPlayer played it fine.

Thank you for your reply. So If I convert my 3D.iso files to .mkv will they actually play as a 3D movie or 2D? Also would I be comprimising on video and audio quality? How do I get DSPlayer to play.bdmv files?

On the off note , I have a Darbee Darblet connected to my chain just before the projector on a 120" screen. Is it a pointless exercise using DS Player and MadVR if I have a video processor like Darbee Darblet 5000s?

Many thanks

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