Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Hmm, Badsically install it, goto DSPlayer setings:

Do the following and i make no promises i wont miss anything as theres a LOT but i'll try, no screenshots mind you and this is MY working setup.

Use as def video player = Check
- DVDPlayer merits = None i only play mkv
Video renderer = madshi video renderer (MadVR)
- Manage settings with Kodi = Load and save with DSPlayer database
- Delay playback until render queue is full = check
- Use in fullscreen Exclusive mode = uncheck
- Force to stop..... GREYED OUT
Audio renderer = System defaut
Filters management = internal filters

Jesus i stated this in good faith but my brain hasnt got the strength just now to type it all out Especially when its all done already by people with screen shots. Its a peice of pee to setup mate just trial and error it if you get stuck i will quite happily guide you in the right direction but i forgot how many checkboxes there are thats without configuring the codecs externally.

ASK ASK ASK thats my advice i started this in good faith and will continue just ask me mate.

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