Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-02-22, 14:38)mrhyde1969 Wrote: This is such a large thread. Can someone plz.point me in the direction to get this working for just 24hz material and leave anything else to the internal kodi player. Thanks
Unless you have the 24Hz information somewhere in the filename, there doesn't appear to be the option to create a rule based on a video's framerate. Check here: http://kodi.wiki/view/Playercorefactory.xml.

If you do have the 24Hz info in the filenames, you could place this in a playercorefactory.xml file in your userdata folder:
<rules action="prepend">
     <rule video="true" player="DVDPlayer">
          <rule filename=".*24Hz.*" player="DSPlayer"/>

I'm not entirely sure about the syntax for the wildcards in the filename, but this should at least point you in the right direction.
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