Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I am having an annoying problem and hoping someone here knows the solution. I have a 4K TV and I run kodi at 2160p. But most content is obviously 1080p. So whenever I launch a video that is 1080p, the picture is extremely zoomed in and unwatchable. If I press escape and then go back to the video, the video is resized to 2160p. Any way I can get kodi to properly resize the video so it matches the source, but I can still run kodi at 2160p? I didn't have this problem when running standard kodi, so it has something to do w/ dsplayer.

edit: it appears that kodi resolution doesn't matter. all video launches extremely zoomed in. Whenever I launch a video I have to escape back to kodi while the video is still playing, and then go back to the movie for it to size properly.

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