Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-01, 21:57)Warner306 Wrote:
(2016-03-01, 01:55)Derek Wrote:
(2016-02-29, 15:37)danjames92 Wrote: Check MadVR config allows for 2160p23 / 2160p24 in the options.

Personally i use 1080p and let my TV do the work as it does it so well, worth a try rather than mega problems, i dont really notice any difference but my TV upscales awesomely.

If your GPU is reasonably powerful, madVR would do a better job.

Its as good as i could get at the time (980) but my TV considering its size is AWESOME at upscaling i notice no difference but its maybe my eyes i simply love my tv its my fav thing ive bought in a while; can some1 tell me is a USB - CEC Adapter worth getting?

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