Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-02, 18:49)Derek Wrote: I have made no jokes?

I think DSPlayer is awesome and MadVR is equally good but i AM allowed to have other opinions or u are in Scotland but i did appreciate your insight and i do nothing but compliment YOU on many threads so whats the problem.

Also where do i state madVR not doing anything for me.



You said you prefer to upscale 1080p content with your TV rather than madVR. This means you didn't get to first base in understanding what madVR does (it is a primarily a video scaler). If you are not using madVR, are you here for the subtitle filters (XySubFilter, VSFilter), video decoders (LAV Filters) or ReClock? Otherwise, there is no point in using DSPlayer when regular Kodi is available.

Why are you using DSPlayer if you don't like what it does?

I'm not sure that is a serious question, but you are posting in a support thread for DSPlayer, so you don't make any sense. I'm not sure if I am supposed to ignore your posts or take them seriously.

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