Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-02, 22:56)Derek Wrote: I have no idea how to answer this:

And i'll say it again WHERE did i say i didn't like what DSPlayer or MadVR does?

Your making me think these are my options:

1. I use MadVR / DSPlayer ALL THE TIME Exclusively
2. I upscale using my TV ALL THE TIME Exclusively

otherwise i cant post here?

I just got a new TV which upscales amazingly so yes for now i.e. maybe an hour maybe 24; maybe 48 i'll let the TV upscale but i do love the idea of MadVR and am a huge fan on DSPlayer I even mentioned its maybe my eyes that cant notice the difference.

I just didn't realise i had to choose one or the other? But i enjoy your posts and your knowledge; except your need to attack me so lets just leave it there, i think there has been some kind of misunderstanding here or did we loose the war?



I'm not attacking you. I just was just curious as to what you like about DSPlayer compared to regular Kodi. Your posts go against the advice I would give to other users, which is confusing.

You should do some reading before dispensing advice, or you sound like a crackpot. The set up manual is available for this purpose.

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