Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-02, 00:57)Derek Wrote: can some1 tell me is a USB - CEC Adapter worth getting?

Some1 can tell you Smile

If for instance, your TV can't be powered on by IP Control (my case) and you want to be able to power it without the use of IR technology, a USB-CEC adapter is the ideal thing.

I drive my HC with the iRule app on an iPad. Every device at home is IP Controlable, even the TV (Panasonic ST60), but the only thing I can't control is the TV when it is OFF (in order to have this feature i should have bought the high end Z60, cheers to marketing policies!).

So this adapter do the trick : when I start my HTPC (Kodi), it starts the TV by CEC (I use eventghost to trigger a startTV.bat script at boot time)

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