Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-04, 19:16)oldpoem Wrote: There was hardly any any internet streaming direct show filters at the time. There were probably only well-known 2 source filters, file souce one that support http only which has not been updated in years and LAVsource which do the same and better in every possible way. So probably aracnoz didn't see the point of make it customizable.

Too bad your reference Youtube source filter had been unknown piece of software so far. Unless someone with coding skill step in to do the job. We're stuck with current code which is not that bad. But lately I've been using Chrome Launcher to view youtube most of the time. It has pre-configured Youtube Leanback (which launch youtube/tv). It is the same as launch Chrome and open youtube. It can be use with remote as well.and can be configured to feel seemless with Kodi.
Unfortunately YouTube Leanback doesn't use madVR, though... and it doesn't use refresh rate switching.

As far as the coding skill are concerned, I pointed out before... it's really just a couple of lines. Somebody with a building environment could fix it and test it quite rapidly I think.

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