Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I can confirm also I that decoding 3D-MVC and internal filters LAV . 3D support rip MakeMKV v. 1.9.0 recognized frame-packed 3D during playback.

Madshi advised this to rip 3D from MakeMKV ,

carry the original text ;

3D users please update to the latest LAV build:

" This LAV build now tells madVR which order the left/right eyes have. This information is read from the MKV file. Unfortunately MakeMKV doesn't store this information yet. BUT, you can manually edit your MKV files to add this information. Here's how:

Use the mkvtoolnix MKV header editor to add the field "StereoMode" to the video track. Set it to value "13" to signal that the left eye comes first. Set it to "14" to signal that the right eye comes first. Using the latest LAV build and madVR v0.90.10, your MKV files should then play perfectly without you having to toggle the "swap left/right eye" option in the madVR display properties all the time ".

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