Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-08, 11:17)Slurm Wrote: Haven't seen that too. I "solved" this through my remote and an extra button.

I don't appreciate the snarky comments. It doesn't seem like a big ask to not have to reconfigure 3D on my TV every time it turns on when 3D can be turned on via the HDMI.

I actually realised that there is a very nice simple solution to my issue when not using DSPlayer, which is to set the 3D output mode to interlaced and because I'm using "just scan" on my TV it lines up perfectly with the FPR and I don't have to turn on 3D at all, just put on my glasses. No good for people with active displays though.

If there was some way for SVP or the madVR/LAV component to reorganise the image into frame interlaced, then the duplicated UI for each eye wouldn't be necessary.

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