Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-09, 04:16)Talguy Wrote: Alright, So I'm still in the process of trying to get MediaConfig and FIltersConfig to work. I'm creating these through the DSPlayer GUI settings in Filter Management > Media Rules / Filter Configuration. I set up media rules how I want which is two rules. The first rule looks for files that have "(Animation)" in the filename. If so then it will include the extra filter ffdshow raw video so that I can view animation/anime with SVP enabled. The other rule picks up all other files that do not have "(Animation)" in the file name. The issue I'm having now is that it always enables SVP for all videos regardless of if the keyword is in the filename or not. can someone help me out with this?

Also I didn't setup filter configurations. Is this the issue? I assumed that DSPlayer already knew all the filter information as it was provided in the filters list when generating my media rule.

Also is there a way to tell what Media Rule is currently active? Like would it show up in the OSD Codec view when I press the 'o' key on my keyboard?

Remove ffdshow from the rule that doesn't need SVP. Without ffdshow, SVP can't be used.

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