Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-11, 12:59)oldpoem Wrote: You can fork Wanilton branch and put the changes yoursrlf. Or you can contribute changes to Wanilton github.
(2016-03-11, 15:21)danjames92 Wrote: then learn to code and do it yourself...
Wow guys, hats off to you for the most uselessly smartass posts in this whole thread.

I have been nothing but thankful to aracnoz, tiben20, madshi, wanilton, nevcariel, everybody involved in making DSPlayer so far. I was just normally discussing, I wasn't attacking anybody.

What the heck do you want from me? I have explicitly stated, multiple times in this thread and others, that I am no coder. Should this stop me from asking questions in a respectful way? I really don't think so.

Thank you Roma for your suggestion. I'll definitely try it.
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