Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-13, 22:39)Warner306 Wrote: No, you can't override automatic refresh rate switching for specific rules unless you use DVDPlayer as a second player. Refresh rate switching applies to each player independently.

Dang I was really hoping to keep my display at 60HZ for certain videos when using SVP and for all other change the display to what every the source's frame rate is

(2016-03-13, 22:39)Warner306 Wrote: I don't have enough experience with SVP to understand why it starts with every rule. I would suggest abandoning SVP and using smooth motion in madVR instead. Or completely eliminate frame interpolation and stick with refresh rate matching, which is actually considered the correct way to playback a video. If you wanted to use smooth motion, you could make a madVR profile rule for the filename "Animation," similar to how it is done in Kodi.
I've determined that this isn't a SVP issue. I have the SVP manager always running and all it is doing is wait to connect to FFDShow Raw filter when it becomes active. Even without SVP running the FFDShow Raw filter loads up. It seems like the Rules system isn't detecting all the rules correctly. I'm not sure why.

Does anyone have any complex Media rules setup that I can use as example and possibly test out?

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