Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-18, 18:00)axlt2002 Wrote:
(2016-03-04, 10:53)axlt2002 Wrote:
(2016-03-03, 22:55)Warner306 Wrote: This could also be a problem with the D3D9 vs D3D11 presentation path in general settings. Try setting madVR to D3D9. It sounds like a problem of compatibility with the hardware you are using.

Also, you should be running the Jarvis build with the latest version of madVR. It might also help to disable hardware acceleration in LAV Video.

Thanks Warner.

I was already using D3D9 as weel as both last builds of Jarvis (not the 16.1 RC1 but the 16.0) and madVR (0.90.13). No success by disabling hardware acceleration in LAV Video.

The good new is that on another notebook, everything is perfect! Wink So I don't want to disturb you on this until I will finally setup everything on my HTPC...this evening! Be ready! Wink

Hi Warner,

I'm coming back to this issue since it seems really something weird.

I have installed Kodi 16.1 DSPlayer (last build from Wanilton) on my HTPC running Windows 7 on APU A8-6500 in Dual Graphic with a Radeon HD 6670. Using madVR the video looks perfect when played in full screen; issues start to happen in concomitance with OSD or when the video is played in background wrt the GUI (see this View My Video).

As a second try, I have just disabled DSPlayer and this is what happened.

I'm just writing this to make you aware of the issue, since it seems non directly related to DSPlayer. In any case, if you have some suggestions, they are welcome as usual.

Have a nice weekend!

Never seen that before. Kind of looks like an HDMI handshake issue. You might be better off using MPC-HC if both DVDPlayer and DSPlayer don't work correctly. This would involve a few sacrifices, of course.

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