Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-22, 00:35)Zpectre87 Wrote: If I'm getting lots of artifact, is it better to tone chroma scaling down from NNEDI to Jinc? I could swear I got less artifact by using Jinc instead.

NNEDI looks incredible though. Can't max it out without overheating but 64 neurons is more than enough.

You would be hard-pressed to see the difference between chroma upscaling algorithms on most sources. Perhaps animation would be an exception.

Artifacts due to poor source material are difficult to correct. NNEDI3 and SuperRes are two of the few algorithms known to reduce or improve the appearance of source artifacts. Reconstruction (soft) may also do this for chroma upscaling. Try turning image sharpening off, as it is the most likely setting in madVR to add artifacts not found in the source.

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