Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

First off Many thanks to Aracnoz (who's greatly missed here) and Wanilton for filling the void and provinding us with the latest updates and for keepin this great player alive !

I was waiting for the final version of 16 or even new 17 to test before I could conclusively decide or post but things have led to me to this as Am really totally so badly stuck and terribly pissedAngry !!

If I get hold of those M$ guys who forced & shoved that $hitty 10 down my throat, I would just..........................Stare

Anyways, I have the setup is per my sig & was sort of living with the playback in Win8 ,Had discussed it here in the beginning of this thread. It was fine with most of the stuff including HEVC and such.

Come Win10 and Am so badly hurt that it would take major surgery to get things up and running.

The problem are a plenty,to Begin with most of the videos (720P,1080P,sometimes even 480P) plays sort of slowmo (not exactly but slower then the normal speed),In MadVr I cannot enable anything (No Super Res,No AR,No Sharping no nothing),HEVC playback is non existent.

With DS Player disabled (using default video player) Am able to play most of the stuff( Barring HEVC which still is choppy),But with DS Player it just won't and even though the DXVA is selected I see 100% CPU usage in all the videos all the time.

I have installed and reinstalled the video's drivers (have tried everything version from 2012 to latest one) have completely wiped the Kodi and clean installed Kodi DS umpteen number of times but no joy.

The List goes on,I just need some pointers or someone to point as to where the problem could be,As said earlier I was able to play most of the stuff with MadVr basic setting( AR,Ehance Image,Sharpen Image filters enabled). But now its just not possible !

Quote:You maybe fine with DSPlayer configured with Lentoid HEVC Decoder.

Can you elaborate as to how I configure that in DS Player ??

MOBO :AMD A68i-350
GPU : HD6310 (512MB Shared Memory)

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