Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

Thanks once again for your valuable inputs and time.

Quote:Are you sure HEVC decoding is the problem and not your graphics card/madVR settings? Is there an obvious difference between HEVC and H.264 content? How large are these HEVC files?

What do you mean by that ?? The MadVr settings remain the same as they were before.There is no Obvious difference both are 720p material and HEVC is 150Mb and 300Mb nothing more.(earlier was able to play 4Gig Fast and Furious 6 without much of an issue,with default Kodi DVD Player).

Am not even bothered about the HEVC,What Am talking about is the basic H.264 MKV,MP4 720P playback (not even 1080P),If I enable any of the image enhancements the system just dies.Even at times without any of the things enabled it still struggles,Now if MadVr has become so resource hungry then perhaps will have switch back to 15.1 DS Player version with old MadVr ??

Quote:I am certain your graphics card is under-powered. Any perceived loss of power when upgrading Windows is more likely due to changes to madVR than your OS. It has become more GPU-intensive since the latest update.

Well perhaps it is,but even for 720P ?? Again if the it's not to with OS why was I able to play things in Win8 ??

Quote:If you want to play HEVC files and use madVR, you really need newer hardware.

Like I said not too much concerned or bothered about HEVC (if I can play it nothing like it,If not that's okay too as long as H.264 MKV,MP4 plays fine).

Also as mentioned earlier Am ready to go for a new hardware if it's a must and would appreciate your inputs on the same

Will a QuadCore Intel Pentium with 8Gen Intel GPU do the job ? (it's supposed to do 4K,Native HEVC with Shader 5.0),Say something like this one below ??

Intel 3700 ITX

Or I can look for a individual components too if the above is not suitable (again proirity for now is on regular 720P,1080P H.264 MKV,MP4).

MOBO :AMD A68i-350
GPU : HD6310 (512MB Shared Memory)

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