Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

Quote:If normal Kodi play 720 h264 fine. Check Lavfilters properties to see if HW accerelation is selected to DXVA2 copy-back. Should be no problem if you set all to DXVA2 or normal scaling method like bicubic.

Yes the HW accerelation is active (have checked & made sure the DXVA selected in Kodi setup) and have also doubled checked the Lav Video and it shows active HW. No HW for HEVC though.

Quote:The last two versions of madVR slowed down performance to improve anti-ringing. So you don't have to go back to Isengard. Just use an older version of madVR. Like oldpoem said, with hardware acceleration enabled in LAV Video, you should have smooth playback with Bicubic or Lanczos. But you won't be able to use image enhancements or upscaling refinement.

Well that's the problem now itsn't it ? Am able to play without image enhancements with some effort no issues there,it's just that when I use any of them it slows the video playback.

Quote:For HEVC playback of large files, you will need a GPU that supports HEVC hardware acceleration. All of the new graphics cards this year should feature HEVC support. A new CPU won't get you very far

Did you have a look at the link ?? it's not just a CPU,Its the 8Gen Pentium with inbuilt GPU with 4K support,shader 5.0 and DX11.2,The latest in terms of video playback,Don't want or care much about gaming.

AGAIN let me reiterate,I want fist rate Video playback (be it 720p,1080p or such) even for now 3D as well is not matter of concern, I should be able to play a 720p/1080p MKV,MP4 with AR enabled (whatever works,Jinc,Super Xbr) and Enhance Image,Sharpen image and such enabled (as those look best to my eyes)

So In that regard whatever hardware needs to looked into,Am ready to look into ! Again reiterating that All in one is the first choice for the logical and obvious reasosns,but Am willing to look into individual components if all in one asbsolutely will not do.

MOBO :AMD A68i-350
GPU : HD6310 (512MB Shared Memory)

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