Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2016-03-31, 18:40)Warner306 Wrote:
(2016-03-31, 17:16)dilu Wrote: Hello guys,

since a few days i am giving 3D MVC a try Smile

but i am having problems with Kodi Dsplayer.

When i start a 3D MKV it starts fine. But during the movie some frames are played out of order (like jumping around).

I first had this problem on my Media PC with Windows 8.1.

After that i installed Kodi Dsplayer on the Media PC of my Dad (same AVR but other TV - Windows 10 / ATI extra GPU) and everything worked!

So i installed Win 10 on my Media PC too and tried it again - Result: Same Problem with 3D- but now i have it sometimes during 2d Movies too when jumping through the movie.

Here's my specs and software:

Kodi with DSPlayer 16.1 RC2 (latest)
MadVR 0.90.17 (latest)
Fullscreen Exclusive Mode disabled
Windows 10
Intel I5 4330
onBoard HD 4600

Latest Intel Graphics Driver

maybe someone has an idea for me?

Kind regards

Your graphics processor is too slow to render MVC 3D. Try using something light like DXVA2 image upscaling.


now i am nearly sure that you are wrong! (i use a MKV MVC made from an 3d Bluray Movie Image)

There is no problem when i play a MVC MKV and leave my TV in 2d mode (its running perfect!) - the Problem comes when i switch to 3d mode.

This time i looked a little bit closer at it and i saw something like a switch in the overlay of the 2 images (3d) - on the left and right border areas you can see that the overlay of the 2 images is not stable (its getting smaller and bigger).

Maybe now someone has an idea?

Kind regards

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