Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Quote:The hope remains DSPlayer will remain compatible with madVR indefinitely. So far, this has been the case.

Never think it's too late to reconsider returning

I absolutely concur with the views,Its never too late and we have always respected him unlike the TEAM KODI. I would sincerely urge him reconsider.

Coming to the latest build,I did try and it kind of didn't work for me so had to revert to earlier build.It does have now too options compared to earlier like Lanczos now has upto "8Taps", Jinc is present in all the sections and so on.

The Main problem is the setting of these,Example if Am playing a 720P video and want to enable any setting it wouldn't allow me and even if I pause it still wouldn't ( both of which was not a problem earlier). It just hangs and just wouldn't allow me to do anything. This restricts playback to great extent.

Also this seems to be bit resource hungry than earlier as during playback I noticed more than usual CPU and GPU usage.

This is offcourse based on my system and may not be the case with others,but for me its a No Go.

Btw @warner,Did you read my last post ?? Any comments ??

MOBO :AMD A68i-350
GPU : HD6310 (512MB Shared Memory)

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