Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Error mine, I need recreate install, playcorefactory.xml is wrong, used by aracnoz is

Program files\kodi\system\playcorefactory.xml change for this for fix.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!-- These are compiled-in as re-ordering them would break scripts
    The following aliases may also be used:
      audiodefaultplayer, videodefaultplayer, videodefaultdvdplayer
    <player name="DVDPlayer" audio="true" video="true" />
    <player name="DVDPlayer" /> placeholder for MPlayer
    <player name="PAPlayer" audio="true" />

  <rules name="system rules">
    <rule name="mms/udp" protocols="mms|mmsh|udp" player="DVDPlayer" />
    <rule name="lastfm/shout" protocols="lastfm|shout" player="PAPlayer" />
    <rule name="rtmp" protocols="rtmp" player="videodefaultplayer" />

    <!-- dvdplayer can play standard rtsp streams -->
    <rule name="rtsp" protocols="rtsp" filetypes="!(rm|ra)"  player="PAPlayer" />

    <!-- Internet streams -->
    <rule name="streams" internetstream="true">
      <rule name="aacp/sdp" mimetypes="audio/aacp|application/sdp" player="DVDPlayer" />
      <rule name="mp2" mimetypes="application/octet-stream" filetypes="mp2" player="PAPlayer" />

    <!-- DVDs -->
    <rule name="dvd" dvd="true" player="DVDPlayer" />
    <rule name="dvdimage" dvdimage="true" player="DVDPlayer" />

    <!-- Only dvdplayer can handle these normally -->
    <rule name="sdp/asf" filetypes="sdp|asf" player="DVDPlayer" />

    <!-- Pass these to dvdplayer as we do not know if they are audio or video -->
    <rule name="nsv" filetypes="nsv" player="DVDPlayer" />

    <!-- pvr radio channels should be played by dvdplayer because they need buffering -->
    <rule name="radio" filetypes="pvr" filename=".*/radio/.*" player="DVDPlayer" />

I will create another install, tomorrow.
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