Alert: Don't upgrade to 3.19.0-18 Ubuntu kernel
Noted :-)
Note 3.19.0-19 still shows the same behavior.

Patch was just posted yesterday, so hopefully 3.19.0-20 will have it fixed.
Haha, exactly what I thought :-)

The Braswell / Skylake support patch ... made HSW unusable. <- think about the & operator and then in combination with ==. One checks for "a flag" the other checks that no flags get supressed, e.g. "Don't assume braswell, there might other bits be set".
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
The 3.19.0-20 vivid ubuntu kernel does fix this problem. It's still in vivid-proposed, expect it to be pushed out at some point. Hopefully soon.
As an aside, 14.04 gets the Vivid kernel with the 14.04.3 update in August. So there's plenty of time to worry for anyone who's waiting Smile

Third 14.04 point release, with 15.04 kernel
Looks like 3.19.0-20 was just pushed. I am installing now.


Confirmed. HDMI audio is working with 3.19.0-20 on my haswell celeron.
Yep, finally!
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Alert: Don't upgrade to 3.19.0-18 Ubuntu kernel00