Release - Netflix style next up notification

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You've definitely disabled the post play screen?
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I switched to estuary like i ws told, disabled the postplay screen entirely, and it worked, once. Only instead of going to the next episode, it repeated the one I just saw. I let it run all the way thru to the end, and then it just stopped and I found myself at the list screen. It never worked again so I switched back to confluence, since if it doesn't work i might as well have a skin I like.
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Hi, I am using a fork of Kodi Jarvis for Wetek. I would like to use this add-on with LazyTV. LazyTV is set up to add two episodes in the playlist from random shows. Is it possible to show next up notification when one episode finishes and the second (could be another show) starts? Right now the add-on is set to 30 seconds but nothing is happening. Even when I had the LazyTV setting to ask to play next episode it did not happen (maybe beucase it is generating next episodes from random shows?) Skin is Aeon Nox. Thanks
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